Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Water fed pole window cleaning is the modern, environmentally friendly solution for cleaning windows up to five floors high without the operative leaving the ground. Safe, efficient and cost effective, it is the preferred method for many different kinds of retail and commercial properties.

The technique makes use of a telescopic pole that is fitted with a brush and water jets. Pure water is fed up the pole and sprayed onto the window while the brush is used to agitate the dirt. After the dirt has been removed the brush is held a short distance away from the window. The glass is given a final spray of water and left to dry, leaving a smear free finish.

Compliance with The Work at Height Directive 2005

Water-fed pole window cleaning circumvents the guidelines and advice of the HSE and in particular the Work at Height Directive, that calls for alternatives to ladders in situations where ladders are not recommended. Because water-fed poles are operated from ground level work can be completed without having to climb ladders.

Environmentally Friendly

Also known as de-ionised water, purified water is highly effective at removing dirt and grime and dries to leave the glass spotless, leaving a smear free finish. There are no additional chemicals used and therefore the most environmentally friendly method for cleaning windows.

Other Benefits

Because water-fed poles are operated from the ground there is little or no disturbance to the occupants of a building. Windows that may not have been previously cleaned due to access can usually be cleaned and damage to buildings is minimised.

What is Purified Water and how does it work?

Ordinary tap water contains a quantity of total dissolved solids. Referred to as TD the amount varies depending on the water source and typically the concentration is 170 to 400 parts per million (ppm).

If you were to spray normal tap water onto the window, when it dries, you end up with marks and spots all over the glass. These are caused by the dissolved solids that are left behind after the water has evaporated.

By using pure water that contains only a few ppm of TD, no marks and spots are left behind when the water dries. An added benefit is that pure water is a very effective cleaning agent, much more effective than ordinary tap water. This is because its low concentration of TDS makes it an active solvent that readily “pulls” dirt from the glass and dissolves it, leaving your windows cleaner for longer.

Importance of proper technique

Water fed poles gives excellent results, but a water-fed pole isn’t a magic wand. A number of factors including the skills and knowledge of the operative, the weather, the type of system and purification process all determine the quality of the finish.

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