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LaddersFree provides bespoke commercial window cleaning services to a wide range of businesses. These are just some of the other buildings that our professional window cleaners regularly clean.

Dental Practices. None of us enjoy visiting our local dental practice, but it’s something that most of us can’t avoid at least occasionally. We put a great deal of trust in our dentist to look after our dental hygiene and we rightly expect the highest possible standards.

Would you go to a dentist with dirty windows? How quickly our expectations would be shattered if our dental practice had dirty windows, dirty signage or any other grimy features. We expect perfect cleanliness inside the surgery, and we expect this to be reflected throughout the premises. We are experienced at cleaning dental practices and currently provide a service to about 30 practices within The IDH Group.

Opticians. An Opticians with dirty windows would be something of a joke. Regular window cleaning is necessary if you are to create the right impression amongst your clients. After all they come to you to help improve their vision, so don’t impair it with dirty glass.

LaddersFree will keep your windows and signage spotless. We are also able to provide a complete internal window cleaning service including your mirrors and glass displays. We really do make a difference.

Coffee Shops. Spending time relaxing in a coffee shop engaged in conversation while idly watching people stroll past in the street is fast becoming a popular British occupation. Over recent years there has been resurgence in the popularity of coffee shops and progressively more are appearing on the high street. The image of the trendy modern coffee shop combines pristine cleanliness with a relaxing ambiance, and that means that your windows should be sparking clean. Your customers don’t want to peer through grimy patches to view the street.

Our commercial window cleaning team will ensure that your coffee shop windows are kept clean, so call us today to schedule a regular service to keep your customers looking out and looking in.

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Hair and Beauty Salons. Over recent years there has been a profusion of hair and beauty salons on our streets. Image has never been quite as important as it is today. And why shouldn’t we all make the best of what we have? But salons that don’t convey the right impression to their customers will soon lose them, after all there is no shortage of competition and people will visit the salons that make them feel good about themselves.

That means keeping the windows of your salon as clean as possible, which is why you should arrange regular cleaning with LaddersFree. We can clean the outside and inside of your windows, as well as your mirrors and other glass surfaces leaving them spotless and gleaming.

Golf Clubs. If your members pay an annual membership fee they will have high expectations so failing to keep your golf club windows clean is disrespectful to them. The last thing they want is to relax at the nineteenth hole only to peer through dirty windows as they sip their well-earned cocktails.

LaddersFree can guarantee that your club windows are regularly cleaned and your members receive the best impression. The same applies to any other club such as a gym or health club. Keeping your windows clean is a vital service to your members so trust LaddersFree to do a first class job for you.

Supermarkets. Over the last couple of years customers’ attitudes to Supermarkets are changing. Newer brands are gaining in popularity while some of the older brands are struggling as their customers become more selective. Re-building customer loyalty and attracting new customers underpin the efforts to grow and deliver shareholder value.

Many supermarkets incorporate large windows, glass atriums, spectacular signage and other architectural features which generally follow the corporate brand. The importance of keeping these looking spotless cannot be over-emphasised. LaddersFree is able to deploy a range of alternative window cleaning, facia cleaning and signage cleaning techniques to keep your supermarket clean and your customers coming through your doors.

Whatever kind of building you manage, from sports stadium through to the humble corner shop, LaddersFree will ensure that they are kept clean, whether you want an emergency clean or wish to schedule a regular service, contact us today on 0800 118 2830. No job is too big or too small.

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