Whether you are looking for a window cleaner for your shop or office or a larger company who can provide a window cleaning service to a number of premises, like a group of restaurants, retail premises or hotels, you will need to choose between using a local or national service provider.

Whilst there are advantages in using a national company, particularly in terms of uniformity, trust, compliance with health and safety legislation, having a single point of contact, and a single billing point, the operatives will need to travel some distance before they can start work. That means additional costs for travelling time and fuel and a higher carbon footprint. By employing a local window cleaner you are investing in the local community. Inevitably they will already be providing a service to other businesses in the area giving you the reassurance you will get a quality service at a competitive price.

First though, a few words about LaddersFree. We are a unique window cleaning company that combines all the benefits of a local window cleaner with the administrative advantages of dealing with a national company. It operates The National Register of Ladderless Window Cleaners, a network of approved independent window cleaning companies located across the UK. This means that with LaddersFree your windows will be cleaned by local window cleaners that have met the necessary criteria for membership to The National Register and demonstrated a trusted and approved service, that comply with health and safety legislation and provide a professional service at a competitive price with adequate insurance in place. So what are the benefits of using a local window cleaning company?

Reduced travelling means lower costs

Window Cleaners that live locally do not need to travel far to get to work and because they will already be providing a service to other local businesses they will have little or no travelling time between jobs. This means a more competitively priced service. By using a national window cleaning company whose operatives live outside the area, you are unlikely to see travelling time as an itemised entry on their invoice. However, travelling time and fuel is a cost to that company, and that cost will ultimately be reflected in what they charge. You will end up paying more for a similar service.

Investing in the local economy

The overall wealth of your local economy will have an impact on your business. This applies as much to a hairdresser and dental surgery as it does to a large department store. By employing a local window cleaning company you are playing a part in boosting the local economy, and no doubt some of what you pay to have your windows cleaned will help boost your trade.

Naturally it is a small boost, but if everyone does it, the impact is amplified considerably. It is good PR too; by demonstrating that you are involved in the local community you will enhance your reputation, especially if you let it be known on social media.

Better supplier relationships

As your windows will be cleaned by local window cleaners who know the area and maybe even use your business, they are more likely to be personally invested in providing you with a high standard of work. By doing a good job for you they are boosting their local reputation, with an increased likelihood of increasing their local business base. What better motivation could they have for doing a great job?

That isn’t saying that a national window cleaning service will do a bad job; they won’t as the operatives will have to achieve agreed standards, but when it gets to going that extra mile it is a local window cleaning company that you can rely on, they have a vested interest in doing so.

Easier to check out their reputation

When you use a national window cleaning company you might well be able to read online reviews on them, in fact it would be foolish not to at least try to find out what you can about them before engaging them in a contract. But online reputations can be suspect, and are far from being totally reliable.

With a local window cleaning company it is easy to confirm how good and reliable they are. They will already be working in the area and are probably working for some of your existing contacts. There is no recommendation like word of mouth, so all you need to do is ask one or two of their current clients. We all like telling people when we receive excellent service, and we are not reluctant to let it be known when we don’t. So, ask around; you will soon discover if you can rely on them.

Good PR

We have already mentioned that investing in the local community is good PR, but that isn’t the only positive PR impact of employing a local company. The operatives who clean your windows might be your clients or customers, and it is likely that they will know others clients or customers of yours. Your business is likely to come up in their conversations, and the more people talk about you the better it is for your business.

The caveat is that they should talk about your business in a positive light, but as they are your suppliers you have the opportunity to give them a good impression of you; after all good supplier-customer relationships are crucial in this modern world.

Faster problem solving

Even with the best levels of service and with the best will in the world, some time or other a problem will occur. Something might have been missed; something might have happened after your windows had been cleaned that needs urgent attention; an emergency clean might be needed. Whatever the problem, it is far easier for a local window cleaner to rectify it than it would be for a national company.

With a national company there are likely to be scheduling problems and travelling overheads, so an emergency callout is likely to be expensive. With a local window cleaning company the solution is literally just round the corner.  It is far easier for them to provide an emergency call-out and consequently it is likely to be considerably less expensive.

Reduced environmental impact

Nowadays we must all do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. It is becoming increasingly clear that if we don’t things are likely to get somewhat hairy in the future. Using a local window cleaning company will reduce the impact on the environment as there will be less travelling. It isn’t going to save the planet, but if we all contribute then our contributions will add up.

A warmer feeling

Taking all above advantages as a whole, employing a local window cleaning company provides a much warmer feeling than dealing with window cleaners from out of town. Better service, greater loyalty, better relationships, lower costs; they all play a part. While it is difficult to put a monetary value on warm feelings, they are positive energy, and positive energy reflects on all aspects of our life and work.

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