Health and Safety

The Health and Safety of our customers, their employees, our window cleaning operatives and the general public is of paramount importance and at the forefront of any service we provide. There are risks associated with window cleaning and it is our responsibility to ensure our operatives are fully conversant with health and safety legislation and are aware of the additional risks associated with working at height. Choosing the appropriate method and recognising the need to work safely and in compliance with legislation ensures our clients get a safe service.

Health and Safety Legislation

When choosing a window cleaning company it is important you find a company that not only say they comply with legislation but provide proof of their compliance including;

  • An Understanding of The Work at Height Directive 2005
  • Safe Contractor and CHAS Accreditation
  • Adequate Insurance for all methods
  • The provision of Risk Assessments and Method Statements

Compliance with The Work at Height Directive 2005

The legislation states that those people working at height must be fully competent in the method used to carry out work at height and have the adequate tools to complete the work safely.

LaddersFree operatives are experienced and knowledgeable at carrying out window cleaning using all methods.

Safe Contractor Approved and CHAS Accredited

Being CHAS accredited and SAFE Contractor approved gives customers the reassurance that a window cleaning company has been recognised for its high standards in health and safety.

LaddersFree provide copies of both certificates to customers.

Adequate Insurance for all Window Cleaning Methods

Being insured and having adequate insurance for the work being carried out are completely different. With a legal responsibility on building owners and those people responsible for overseeing window cleaning at their premises, it is important you ensure your window cleaners have the level of cover in place for the type of work being carried out. A standard policy for low level window cleaning will not be adequate cover for someone carrying out work at height using water fed poles or a mobile elevated platform. After all, no two windows are the same, so why should the associated insurances be a one size fits all approach?

LaddersFree have adequate insurance to carry out window cleaning services at all types of premises using all methods and provide a copy of our insurance policy to customers.

We Provide Risk Assessments and Method Statements

Before any work is started your window cleaner must carry out a thorough risk assessment and method statement. This will identify the risks associated with window cleaning and provide further information on the method used for completing the work. For example, when carrying out work using water fed poles there is an increased risk of slipping on trailing hoses and wet floors and the risk of injury as a result of handling water fed poles incorrectly.

Not only do we provide RAMS but we have also developed our own internal health and safety manual with further information on our policies and procedures.

LaddersFree and our team of window cleaners recognise the importance of complying with health and safety legislation and provide a safe, reliable service. Because of our attitude and commitment to health and safety we have been chosen by a number of high street brands including Magnet, Holiday Inn Express Hotels, HMV and Lidl to carry out the window cleaning at their premises.

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