Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters no longer requires the dangerous and time consuming use of ladders. Today we use our Gutter Vac to clean your gutters without leaving the ground. Not only is this safer, it is highly cost effective, fast and efficient, and a great deal less messy.

Climbing ladders and fishing out the rotting content of dirty gutters was never much fun, but it was what we used to do. Not only was this a tedious and demanding job, it was also very dangerous, in fact one of the most dangerous jobs we had to do. Many accidents at height are caused by over-reaching, and this is very common when cleaning gutters the old fashioned way.

The Working at Height directive produced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) now means that alternatives to using ladders should be used when possible. The immediate answer was the elevated platform or cherry picker. Although a much safer option this is also more expensive and inconvenient, but that was before the Gutter Vac

The Gutter Vac

With the Gutter Vac our skilled operatives can clean you gutters from the ground by sucking out all the dirt and debris. It has revolutionised gutter cleaning. Some of its advantages are:

  • It creates no mess. It uses a powerful wet and dry vacuum to suck your gutter clean
  • It eliminates the need for ladders, raised platforms and expensive scaffolding
  • It is the safest solution for high buildings such as retail premises, offices and public buildings
  • It is highly cost effective
  • It is recommended by the HSE as a safe method for cleaning gutters
  • Our skilled operatives are able to precisely orientate it and ensure that no damaged is caused
  • With it we can access places that would normally be difficult to reach
  • We can clean all gutters up to 50 feet high from ground level
  • It minimises disruption to your customers and staff

The importance of clean gutters

While there might be little sign that you gutters are blocked, unless they have been cleaned over the last six months or so, the chances are that that they might already be blocked, or certainly getting that way. Blocked gutters can cause a range of problems, and some of them can be very expensive to rectify. Here are just some of the reason for keeping your gutters clean and free flowing.

  • Clean gutters take water away from your premises, but with blocked gutters this water can end up around the foundations. This can result in water seeping into your basement.
  • Blocked gutters can result in water cascading down your walls. This can badly discolour brick work and the water can penetrate to the interior causing damp patches on your walls
  • Internal damp can result in wet rot, dry rot, and dangerous moulds than can be difficult to remove.
  • Blocked gutters can result in plant growth which makes the problem worse and looks very bad.
  • Vermin are attracted to blocked gutters as are pigeons and other birds, resulting in mess and low standards of public health
  • Blocked gutters can result in blocked downpipes and other blockages in your draining system. Again repairs can be costly
  • Overflowing gutters can result in water puddles on the ground which can freeze in cold weather creating a serious hazard for your customers and employees

Our gutter cleaning teams are fully trained, insured and compliant with work at height legislation.

We always provide a customer service contact and we pride ourselves on offering a professional service that will fit in with your business requirements.

To find out more, call us today on 0800 118 2830.

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