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In addition to commercial window cleaning LaddersFree offers a range of other cleaning services to the outside of buildings. This includes cladding cleaning, gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning and canopy and atrium cleaning. Our specialist teams provide these services to all types of commercial premises including offices, hotels, nursing homes and schools. With all the necessary equipment and more than 300 knowledgeable and experienced operatives located across the UK, we are able deliver a safe, low cost service regardless of whether you are in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Plymouth or anywhere in between.

Gutter cleaning is an essential part of building maintenance. Blocked gutters are responsible for a range of problems which can be expensive to rectify, hence prevention is better than cure. As a result of The Work at Height Directive, new technology has made the job safer and more cost efficient than in the bad old days when we had to clean gutters balanced on ladders. Today our experienced gutter cleaning teams use a gutter vac that we operate from the ground. There is no mess and your gutters are cleared of all debris quickly and thoroughly using a powerful wet and dry vacuum. With minimal disruption to your business, our gutter vac system can clean gutters up to 50 to 60 feet high. For higher buildings, work can be carried out using a mobile platform operated by our IPAF accredited high level cleaning team.

Your branding is the first thing customers will see when they approach your building. Whether it’s a clothes shop or estate agents on the high street or you are located in an out of town retail park, keeping your signage clean will give your customers the right impression before they have even entered the premises. Signage maintenance is also important to prevent expensive repairs and therefore we recommend shops front signage is cleaned either monthly or bi- monthly depending on its location in relation to passing traffic, the type of signage, its height and whether it is located above the shop front windows or higher up the building. We can carry out cleaning using traditional methods, water fed poles and jet washing from a mobile elevated platform.

If your business uses solar panels, it is important to keep them clean. Dirty solar panels can lose up to 30 percent of their original efficiency which means that your electrical supply and feed in tariff is reduced by the same amount. In order to keep your solar panels working efficiently we advise you to schedule a regular clean. Depending on where your panels are located, at least two cleans a year are recommended and in some cases more. Our preferred method is using water fed poles and ultra-pure water, but we can also use traditional methods if they are called for. Why let fallen leaves, debris and bird droppings reduce your solar panel efficiency when LaddersFree can provide a cost effective cleaning service?

Many traditional and modern buildings feature canopies and atriums which look great when clean but less appealing when they are not. Our canopy and atrium cleaning teams provide specialist services employing a range of alternative methods depending on the requirements of the job. While our preferred method is reach and wash using water fed poles, we are also able to use mobile elevated platforms and abseil cleaning techniques. Our specialist cleaners are fully trained in these areas and we always comply with the latest HSE requirements and recommendations. Regardless of the shape, access or height of your architectural feature, we will be able to clean it safely, effectively and in compliance with all Health & Safety legislation.

To request a quotation for signage, guttering, solar panels or canopies and atriums call us today on 0800 118 2830.

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