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LaddersFree are one of the UK’s leading providers of cladding cleaning services.

With more than twelve years experience and an extensive satisfied customer base backed up by impressive testimonials, we provide a safe, cost effective service to restore the appearance of all external cladding. But, is it necessary to get cladding cleaning in the first place?

Types of cladding For many properties, cladding creates a uniform and smart appearance to the front of their building. It has been in use for many decades and the technology used to create the products has continuously improved, ensuring greater durability. There are many different kinds of cladding including render, brick, stone, veneer and timber with a variety of finishes including painted, anodised, plastic coated powder coated and more.

Rain, Wind and Pollutants can cause damage. Being an exterior surface, cladding is at the mercy of the weather. This means that heavy winds, storms, snow and ice can all cause long term damage that can go unnoticed. Cladding can also suffer from the growth of moss, algae and lichens that look unsightly but can also damage over time. Airborne pollutants can also eat at the surface, causing scarring and creating weak spots.

Warranty considerations. The majority of the manufacturers of cladding include a warranty with their products but a stipulation of this is that the cladding is cleaned on a regular basis. Therefore, to comply with the warranty and ensure it is active should anything go wrong, your business would need to have a regular maintenance schedule in place, with a professional cleaner being the best option.

Creating the right impression. If a building looks dirty, shabby or is covered in green moss, customers will assume that the products or services provided by the company are of a similar poor standard. The exterior of your building is the face of the business and is often the first thing a customer sees, so ensuring it is clean is an important part of your company image.

Prevention is better than cure. If Cladding is not cleaned and maintained to a high standard it will become permanently discoloured or corroded, with the only solution being costly spraying or replacement.

Regular cladding cleaning is the simplest and most cost effective way to ensure your business maintains a professional look that will be appealing to customers and staff. We are experts at cleaning all types of cladding surfaces and most importantly, we avoid using chemicals that have the potential to damage your building and have a negative impact on the environment.

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As our name says, our method for cladding cleaning is fully LaddersFree. This not only ensures maximum safety for our operatives but also minimises the health and safety burden for all parties. The methods we use depend on the type of cladding being cleaned. The majority of modern buildings are being constructed using PVC, or Polyvinyl chloride cladding, It is a plastic material that is usually white or black and achieves the best results when cleaned using water fed poles.

Cladding Cleaning using Water Fed Poles

Otherwise known as the ‘Reach and Wash’ system, the use of water fed poles ensures the effective cleaning of high level cladding in a safe and hassle-free manner. Purified water is an effective cleaning medium as it readily pulls out and dissolves dirt and grime from cladding surfaces. The results are fantastic and it is the most commonly used method for cleaning PV Cladding.

The use of the telescopic pole means no ladders required, removing the risk of falls or slips and the use of de-ionised water eliminates the needs for chemicals and cleaning products making it environmentally friendly.

Jet washing from mobile platforms. There are occasions when water fed poles are not the preferred method. Either the type of cladding or the access around the building result in cladding being cleaned from a mobile elevated platform. We carry out cleaning using jet-washing from mobile platforms. Mobile elevated platforms including scissor lifts and booms are a mechanic lifting system controlled by IPAF Accredited Operatives. They allow the safe reaching of a high position and offer a solid work spot for cleaning.

Local means Low Cost. LaddersFree have more than 300 operatives located across the UK. Because they live and work in all major towns and cities, they do not need to travel far between jobs therefore ensuring we provide a competitive price without the need to charge for travelling.

Minimal Disruption. Whether we use water fed poles or mobile platforms, work can be done with minimal disruption to the business. Cleaning using water fed poles can be carried out during working hours because it generates very little noise. Our operatives are polite and courteous and will ensure that your customers and employees always come first.

Compliant with Health and Safety Legislation. Unlike some companies offering cladding cleaning we have undergone thorough accreditation that ensures all our processes are not only compliant but are modern, safe and effective. A combination of rigorous adherence to our health and safety responsibilities, adequate insurance and the provision of a risk assessment will ensure your and our health and safety is assured.

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