Modern building design can create some tricky challenges for keeping glass surfaces clean, and as a result we have had to develop a range of techniques to ensure we provide a fully capable window cleaning service. Regardless of the size of building, where the glass is located or how high it is, you can be assured that we will use only the most effective and practical cleaning methods.

With many new builds, a team equipped with a ladder and squeegee is still the most effective way of ensuring a thorough clean. Water and detergent is used for outside surfaces, but inside surfaces are also given attention with a microfiber cloth to ensure there are no spills whilst ensuring a spotless and gleaming result.

For higher windows (up to approximately 70 feet), our operatives use water-fed pole technology. These telescopic poles act like a rigid hose, conveying water up its length and through a soft-bristled brush onto the windows. This method also has the advantage of being low profile, minimising distraction in the workplace, and low risk, meaning you need not be concerned about the safety of our window cleaners. The water-fed poles are a safe, simple and effective solution, keeping our operators safely on the ground, ecofriendly by using only pure water and producing a squeaky clean finish.

Some jobs require access to windows even our water-fed poles cannot reach, and to this end we employ other window cleaning methods. Cleaning windows on multiple storey office buildings or department stores can be both dangerous and difficult, presenting a challenge for both the customer and the window cleaning company.

With a team of between 300 and 400 window cleaners, we have the resources to ensure not only the appropriate equipment is provided for accessing these dangerously high surfaces, but also that all necessary and legal precautions are taken to ensure maximum safety for our team of operatives and your employees and potential customers.

Using mobile elevated platforms, LaddersFree is able to meet any challenge posed by high-rise and other unconventional buildings. All our operators are qualified in the assembly and use of such equipment, and are able to operate them quickly and effectively to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

For jobs requiring a more versatile solution, our operatives are able to employ rope access cleaning. This window cleaning method involves the use of safety harnesses and ropes so that our window cleaners can move from the roof downwards to access difficult to reach surfaces. Rope access cleaning has the advantage of requiring lower profile equipment than scaffolding or mobile platforms, and will not clutter the ground-level perimeter, nor interfere with access and egress from your place of business.

Whilst some of these methods are potentially dangerous, LaddersFree places the utmost importance on safe working practices, ensuring thorough risk assessments are made for all jobs and comprehensive training is given to all our operatives. Due to our vigilance in regards to safety we have an impeccable record, with no workplace accidents in our eleven years of operation. We are SAFE contractor approved and CHAS accredited, taking pride in our responsible approach to workplace safety.

Whatever your window cleaning needs, we’ve got all angles covered and prepared for all outcomes. We can get the job done effectively, safely and to a high standard with minimal hassle for you.