Most window cleaning businesses, regardless of their size, deal with a plethora of paper everyday, from quotations to invoices, dockets to payslips. Over the last few years LaddersFree has moved these documents to an electronic format enabling us to provide our customers with a more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly service.

The window cleaning industry has become relentlessly competitive and reducing costs can be the difference between winning and losing a customer. As one the leading commercial window cleaning companies in the UK, we want to share the advantages of a paperless office in the hope that more window cleaners will embrace technology and do the same.

  1. Reduction in cost and speedier access to data

A paperless environment costs less. No paper, envelopes and ink cartridges. No longer will correspondence need posting as it can be sent by email.  Electronic data can be easily retrieved, amended and resent. An improvement in the accessibility of data can reduce administration time with the added advantage of raising the customer’s perception of your office efficiency.

  1. Reduction in required office space

The requirement to file paperwork requires space for storage regardless of whether you store on site or off site. Even if you have the space in the office there are costs associated with files, cabinets and administration time in filing such documents. By moving your data to an electronic format these costs will be reduced.

  1. More environmentally friendly

Businesses have a social and environmental responsibility and in the 21st century it is simply a part of doing business in a successful and profitable manner. Going paperless certainly helps reduce carbon footprint and therefore it should be embraced by all window cleaners regardless of whether you are self employed and work alone or run a small business with employees.

  1. Improved Security of Documentation

It is important that businesses comply with The Data Protection Act 1998. We have touched on the improved access of data by holding information electronically but also documents that you only require limited access to can be password protected and certain data can be restricted to just a few people within your organisation that require it.

In order that a paperless office is successful there are a number of steps that should be taken;

• Educate your employees.

Firstly your administration team need to be taught the process for storing the data and the structure of the electronic filing system.  Adherence to the structure of the filing system is key to ensuring speedy universal access of the data.

If you are deciding to move away from traditional satisfaction dockets to an electronic system, your window cleaning operatives must also be trained.

• An investment in systems and data storage facilities may be required.

A review should be undertaken of the data storage and scanning capabilities to ensure they are robust enough to deal with the quantities of data anticipated.

Moving to a paperless office relies heavily on secure and reliable backing up of data on a regular basis. Investing in a reliable data back-up facility, whether internally or externally may be required.

• Inform your customers and utilise the new paperless environment.

Lastly, bot no means least, once data has been moved to an electronic format make sure you inform your existing customers and provide new customers with electronic quotations and documentation.

Technology has meant that administrative tasks associated with window cleaning have changed. Increasing demand from customers has meant that Window Cleaners must embrace technology to succeed in the 21st Century.