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LaddersFree is known for being one of the best and most reliable commercial window cleaning firms in Leicester. Our operatives carry out daily and weekly traditional window cleaning in Leicester. Traditional window cleaning methods using a Squeedgee and Blade are used on shop windows in Leicester whilst the commercial window cleaning teams use water fed poles for larger buildings in Leicester. LaddersFree window cleaners also work nearby in Cambridge, Northampton, Rugby, Coventry, Birmingham, Burton upon Trent, Derby, Nottingham, Grantham and Peterborough and Peterborough

Window Cleaning for all Commercial Premises in Leicester. Now a multicultural city of around 300,000 people requiring accommodation for commercial, residential and educational purposes, Leicester's buildings range from the traditional home, to nursing homes to modern shops, schools, hotels and offices. Whilst all buildings have a need for natural light, glazing has become a dominant feature of modern architecture in Leicester e.g. the new Curve Theatre, boasts 640 panes of glass covering 4,500 square metres. With an ever increasing amount of glass comes an ever increasing demand for our commercial window cleaning team in Leicester and the surrounding towns and villages.

Traditional, Water Fed Poles and other methods. The conventional method of a ladder, bucket of soapy water, cloth and squeegee is still effective for shop windows, accessible to a maximum of 9 metres by ladder but Window Cleaning in Leicester has moved onwards and upwards in recent times and requires specialist teams.

Over the last few years more and more customers have requested window cleaning using water fed poles, where is sprayed through a soft bristle brush is effective, efficient and safe, reaching even difficult panes at heights of up to 20 metres from ground level. Windows higher still require specialist equipment in the form of a mobile elevated platform, rope access or a cradle. Mobile platforms require space for the vehicle carrying the platform, often difficult in busy urban areas.

Rope Access cleaning, involving a team abseiling from the top of the building, uses ropes and safety harnesses instead of ladders. Relevant fittings often form part of the building to comply with current legislation. Perhaps the best recognised method is the Cradle using a series of tracks, ropes and pulleys - usually a permanent feature of the building.

Professional Window Cleaners in Leicester. LaddersFree have highly qualified, experienced operatives that have been trained to deliver the best window cleaning service in Leicester. Our teams have qualifications that include CSCS, IPAF and IRATA.

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Low Cost Window Cleaning in Leicester. Because our window cleaners live and work in Leicester, they do not need to travel. By minimising our overheads, we are able to provide our customers a low cost service and usually more cost effective than our competitors.

Free Quotation. Regardless of the size or height of your building, how often you would like window cleaning services or the method used to clean your windows at your commercial premises in Leicester we are happy to provide a complimentary site visit and free no obligation quotation.

Retail, Office, School and Hotel Window Cleaning in Leicester. Our retail window cleaning teams in Leicester provide regular services to all shops, small and large. LaddersFree also have teams that specialise in cleaning offices, nursing homes, large multi storey hotels, car dealerships, schools and industrial units.

Cladding and Gutter Cleaning Services in Leicester. Aluminium and steel cladding of modern buildings also requires care and cleaning using similar methods. Neglect results in a shabby appearance and potentially costly repairs. Blocked guttering can result in water overspill damaging the fabric of the building but gutter cleaning has been revolutionised by the use of rigid with flexible piping, operated from the ground, to 'vacuum' the debris out.

Commercial window cleaning is a growing business but for householders within the city who have traditionally relied on their friendly window cleaner it's a different story. Maybe new legislation, a change in attitudes and priorities or it simply 'doesn't pay' on a small business basis but whatever the reason, until self-cleaning glass becomes cost effective, windows will always need cleaning safely! No matter what type of business you are or what premises you use, our range of commercial window cleaning services in Leicester will ensure your building always looks its best.

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