Stone and Brick Cleaning -The Doff Steam Cleaning System

Bird droppings, pollutants, grease, algae, moss as well as the wind and rain can wreak havoc on buildings. Not only can it spoil how a building looks, but it can also cause long term damage if regular cleaning is not carried out.

Stone and Brick Cleaning, using either a jet washing or steam cleaning system will ensure a commercial building portrays the right image to its customers and staff as well as minimising the risk of any damage and further costs.

As our name suggests, LaddersFree provide a Safe Stone and Brick Cleaning Service without the need for ladders. Both our Doff Steam Cleaning and Jet Washing Service is provided to all Commercial Buildings including shops, restaurants, hotels, office buildings and industrial units, in all major towns and cities across the UK.

Cleaning can be carried out from the ground or at height from a mobile elevated platform. Our team of IPAF accredited operatives will ensure work is carried out safely and in compliance with Work at Height legislation.

The Doff Steam Cleaning System. The system uses high temperature steam to clean masonry and stonework without the need for high water pressure, which can potentially damage the surface. The Doff Steam Cleaning System uses normal water that is fed into a hot-box and rapidly heated. This heated water then passes through the heat resistant hoses to special nozzles, designed to work on different areas such as brick or stone. It can work at rates of 3 to 5 litres per minute. The surface then quickly dries without any trapped moisture.

Whilst the Doff Cleaning System is most commonly used for stone and brick cleaning, it also works on concrete, tiles, wood, terracotta and faience. It can even be used to sterilise large indoor areas such as swimming pools and factories.

At LaddersFree, our Doff Steam Cleaning Teams are experienced and knowledgeable in providing a safe and reliable service to all buildings, small and large.

Stone cleaning. For stone cleaning the Doff Cleaning system can operate at temperatures up to 190 degrees. This helps remove all biological matter as well as paint – whether this is masonry paint or even graffiti. Paint and Graffiti often sink into the exterior surface, bonding to the stone, thus making them harder to remove, but the use of the hot water not only removes these products but it also helps to prevent it coming back by killing spores that might be hidden in cracks.

The Doff Cleaning System can be used on all types of building including listed buildings and materials such as granite, sandstone, limestone and even specialist stone surfaces such as Bath or Portland Stone.

Brick Cleaning. When the Doff system is used for brick cleaning, it is paired with a specially formulated brick cleaning solution. This solution is designed to remove pollutants, environmental stains, biological matter such as algae and other dirt without damaging the bricks. The process also avoids any damage to the pointing holding the bricks together.

The system also insures that no excess water is absorbed by the bricks. Bricks are notorious for being a little porous and absorbing water when cleaned, meaning they remain wet for longer. The Doff system ensures that the bricks dry out quickly and that a minimal amount of water is absorbed during the cleaning process.

Jet Washing Services and Water Fed Poles.

Whilst the Doff Cleaning System is a popular cleaning method for cleaning both Brick and Stone Buildings, we also provide a cladding and exterior building cleaning service using water fed poles and a professional Hot and Cold Water Jet Washing Service. This enables us to provide a service using the most appropriate method, making our service cost effective and efficient whilst also ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Why use LaddersFree? Because we have operatives located across the UK, we are able to provide a quality service at a competitive price. Our operatives do not need to travel and therefore our prices reflect this, providing the best possible service at the right price. We work with some of the largest companies in the UK including retailers, restaurant chains, hotel groups on a variety of premises from small retail units to large office buildings.

We also offer a wide range of services that allow us to provide a complete exterior building service, that includes commercial window cleaning, cladding cleaning and gutter cleaning Call us today for a FREE Quotation and Site Survey on 0800 118 2830.

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