Jet Washing to Buildings, Car Parks and Cladding

We provide Jet Washing Services to all types of buildings and their associated areas in all major towns and cities across the UK. Because we have more than 300 operatives, we provide a low cost jet washing solution to all premises small and large including;

  • Warehouses and Factories
  • Shopping centres and Offices
  • Forecourts
  • Council buildings
  • Car Parks and Loading Bays
  • Entrances and Block Paved Areas
  • Children’s Play Areas
  • Fascia’s, Cladding and Fencing

Why consider jet washing? Your building is the face of your business. It is the first thing that both customers and staff will see and we all know that first impressions count. If the outside of your building and its associated areas are not clean, then it will give the impression that the your products or services are sub standard.

Prevention is better than Cure. Having a clean building is not just about is looking good. Dirt, pollution and mould can mask bigger problems that can end up leading to leaks and other damage. Regular cleaning will reduce the risk of further damage and keep cost to a minimum.

Health and Safety. Lastly but by no means least, our Jet washing services are often requested when the risk of a slip or fall has been identified. Car Parks and entrances to buildings are areas where staff or customers could slip. To prevent the build up of moss and algae they should be jet washed at least once a year.

Leaving it will inevitably lead to a greater risk that a customer or employee will slip and hurt themselves. Not only will this result in a significant costs but also the possibility of being prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive for negligence.

Hot Jet Washing Service. Hot jet wash systems are powerful steam and hot water cleaning systems that can use water up to 100 degrees in heat and up to 5,000psi pressure. Hot water jet washing is great for clearing away grease, grime and algae and can also be used to remove graffiti from walls where traditional cold water systems don’t succeed. The three key elements to a Hot Water Jet Washing System are Heat, Soap and Agitation.

The power and heat of the hot water jet washing system is an efficient cleaner, enabling us to provide a service to the majority of customers without the need for chemicals. Occasionally however, a detergent with a softening agent may be needed to emulsify the oil and grease so we can deliver the best results.

Cold Jet Washing Service. Most of the time our Jet Washing operatives will use a cold jet wash system to clean the exterior of a building and its associated areas. That is because it is environmentally friendly and the most cost effective method, whilst usually delivering the desired results. The key to these systems is the amount of pressure that is used – too much can potentially damage a surface or break loose grouting or other construction elements. Our experienced and qualified jet washing operatives know how to use the systems to their best potential, ensuring our customers get the best possible results.

Why use LaddersFree? We have teams located across the UK. With more than 300 operatives, we can provide a free quotation and site survey and if you decide to use LaddersFree, you will get all the benefits of using a National Service Provider (compliance with health and safety legislation, Accreditation with Safe Contractor and CHAS and consistently high levels of service) as well as a competitive price in the knowledge that our operatives live locally and so we do not need to include travelling costs in your quote.

Whether it’s the outside of your building, the car park, entrance area or an area of block paving, Contact our Jet Washing Team today on 0800 118 2830.

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