Canopy and Atrium Cleaning

Canopies and atriums are often attractive and the pride and joy of the architects who designed them, but they can easily lose their appeal when they become soiled. To maintain them in their pristine glory, they must be properly maintained, and that requires regular cleaning.

Atriums and canopies have always featured in architecture. The Ancient Romans were famous for them, they have been the focus of public spaces over the centuries, and many can be found in the ultra-modern shopping centres that are being built today. They also feature in retail outlets, restaurants, offices, and prestigious commercial buildings, in fact any designs that feature open space and striking entrances.

  • Glass canopy cleaning – glass canopies feature in the entrance to many shopping centres. As well as providing shelter, they add to the whole frisson and excitement of shopping. As they set the atmosphere it is essential that they are kept clean. However the pigeons that populate many town centres have a different idea. Bird droppings, algae, moss, and other debris soon build up reducing light and destroying the ambiance. We recommend at least an annual cleaning to keep glass canopies looking great.
  • Commercial glass veranda cleaning – glass verandas are a popular addition to many premises including restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs. Stylish and appealing when sparkling clean, they evoke an entirely different feeling when they get grubby. We recommend regular cleaning to keep them looking fresh and your customers happy.
  • Office atrium cleaning – many commercial buildings and company HQs boast impressive atriums that are designed to impress. However they don’t appear as prestigious when they are in need of a clean. We can clean your office atrium with the minimum of disruption at a time that suits your business.

Keeping canopies, atriums, verandas and related architectural features clean is a specialist job, and may require a range of alternative techniques. We assess every job individually to provide the best, most cost effective and safe plan. Typically our LaddersFree teams use:

  • Reach and Wash canopy and atrium cleaning – this is our preferred no fuss method. We use high reach water fed poles and ultra-pure water to provide a sparkling clean spot-free finish and we can reach up to around 80 feet from the ground. It is the most cost effective method too.
  • Mobile platforms – when we need to reach heights greater than 80 feet and places that are inaccessible from the ground we generally use mobile elevated platforms. All our canopy and atrium cleaners are fully trained in working at height using mobile platforms.
  • Rope access – sometimes the best solution is to call in our specialist rope access teams for canopies and atriums that are inaccessible by other means. It is also a far more cost effective solution than scaffolding. Each member of the team is fully qualified in rope access cleaning and fully compliant with HSE regulations and recommendations.

Our architectural cleaning teams

Our architectural cleaning teams are fully trained, insured and compliant with work at height legislation. LaddersFree are Safe contractor Approved and Chas Accredited.

We are able to work round your office hours and at times that are best for your business. We always aim to create the minimum disruption and leave your architectural features sparkling clean. For a cost effective and safe solution, you can trust LaddersFree to provide the best professional service.

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