The old method of window cleaning using a bucket and a soapy sponge is fast becoming obsolete. The new water-fed pole window cleaning system is being adopted by customers and cleaning services alike because the advantages are huge.

Cleaning with water-fed poles is an eco-friendly, safe and cost-effective method that leaves an exceptionally clean finish on windows. This is why all organisations in the public sector, the majority of commercial businesses, schools, hotels and residential houses have their windows cleaned using water fed poles.

Eco friendly – Water-fed pole systems use water that has been filtered which means there is no need for harmful chemicals or detergents to be used. As well as being eco-friendly, the filtered water also leaves your windows cleaner for longer because there is no soap residue or water impurities left to smear the glass.

The amount of water needed to achieve a clean finish is less than more traditional methods of cleaning. Water fed poles release pure water when required straight onto the window panes and the soft bristles effectively remove traces of dirt ensuring a quicker and cleaner finish.

Access and privacy  – The water fed pole operative is at ground level during the cleaning process meaning it is much less intrusive when compared to traditional cleaning methods. Using water fed poles, cleaners no longer have to be near the windows and this provides peace of mind and keeps disturbances to a minimum. Whether it is a home or a commercial business water fed pole window cleaning guarantees the privacy of the occupants inside the building.

Ladders and scaffolding do not come into contact with the building, greatly reducing noise and any potential damage. The surrounding area including the garden is saved from damage also because of less equipment being needed to complete the job. The paintwork, brickwork, guttering, windows and ledges are all safer when cleaning with a water fed pole system as the equipment does not touch or strike these areas.

Health and Safety – Since the 2005 Health and Safety legislation came in regarding work height procedures waterfed poles have allowed cleaners to stay grounded while safely carrying out their duty. The water fed poles can reach upwards of 80ft which means that no ladders or scaffolding are needed, greatly reducing the risk of an injury on your property.

Insurers have either banned the use of ladders altogether or are charging extortionately high premiums and inevitably it is the customer who ends up paying these inflated costs. There are no Health and Safety risks associated with water pole fed window cleaning, meaning it is a completely safe and cost effective method of cleaning.

Water fed pole window cleaning can be used in all types of weather compared to the traditional methods of cleaning. Ladders and scaffolding present a danger to window cleaners in high winds or wet conditions meaning work can sometimes not be undertaken. Water fed poles eliminate any risk and allow cleaners to work through all weather conditions from the safety and security of the ground.

Cost Effective – Cleaning windows with water fed poles means that there is no need for ladders, cherry pickers or scaffolding. This makes cleaning with water fed poles a much quicker method of cleaning and means no extra equipment is needed. As well as window panes the water fed poles also clean the frames at the same time and their long reach means they can clean sky lights, cladding, signage, fascias, guttering, glass canopies and more… Traditional cleaning methods would have to hire access equipment to reach these places meaning it would be a more expensive service for the customer.

Summary of the benefits of water fed pole window cleaning:

  • Windows and frames cleaned at the same time
  • Window cleaning up to 80ft high
  • Ladders, cherry pickers or scaffolding no longer required
  • Compliance with all Health and Safety legislation
  • A cost-effective cleaning method
  • Reaches previously inaccessible areas safely
  • Reduced noise pollution and damage
  • Less intrusive and ensures privacy of the occupants
  • 100% environmentally friendly – uses no chemicals or detergents
  • Cleaner windows for longer – Smear-free
  • Able to clean frames, signage, cladding, fascias, guttering etc
  • Minimal disturbance for the occupants or neighbours
  • Reduced carbon footprint – less equipment is transported and less water is used