• Clean windows make a huge difference to the atmosphere and ambiance of any space. Whether it is your shop, office, school or any other business, it will always feel better when your windows are clean.
  • Dirty windows make people feel gloomy; clean windows make people feel fresh and alert. It is like the difference between night and day.
  • Clean windows let in more light and light enhances how we feel. Too little light makes people feel depressed, especially in winter. Most of us feel better when the sun shines. Seasonal Affective Disorder, appropriated shortened to SAD affects thousands of people in winter who fail to get enough light. The best cure is a trip to sunnier climes, but just ensuring that your windows are clean can help.
  • When the sun shines brightly, dirty windows look terrible as all the dust, grime and marks are highlighted. They look far worse in the sun than they do in the gloom. When they are clean they let the sun shine in. in fact even moderately dirty windows can block out 20 percent of sunlight at any time, it is just more readily apparent when the sun shines directly on them.
  • Dirty windows give customers the impression that you simply don’t care about your business, and if you don’t care for your business then you’re unlikely to care for them. And if you don’t care for them, why should they car for you? They would rather go somewhere else where the windows are clean and where they can expect a warm welcome.
  • Would you like to work in an office with dirty windows? We thought not. Dirty windows at work make the day seem far too long. Back in Victorian days cleaning factory windows was virtually unheard of and many people slaved from dawn to dusk barely able to see out and very little light was allowed in. In our more liberated times there is no excuse, so make sure that your office windows are kept clean.
  • Having your windows cleaned is like a new dawn, a new start. Transforming those dirty streaked semi-opaque panes of glass to ones you can actually see through, rather than just see, is a transformation.
  • Clean windows are like a glass half full; dirty windows are like a glass half empty. The last things you want are pessimistic customers. Optimistic customers are likely to feel far more favourable about your product or service and thus more likely to buy. Clean windows result in happy customers.

Nobody in the world, or at least nobody we’ve ever heard of, prefers dirty windows to clean windows. Then why would they given all of what we have written above. In every way clean windows are an improvement on dirty ones.

The exception to that of course are our LaddersFree teams. We love to see dirty windows that we can clean and let the light in for our customers.  With local window cleaners in just about every major city and town in Britain, we get ample opportunity to do so. We use water fed poles, traditional window cleaning techniques, mobile platforms, we even go abseiling down tall buildings just to get the windows clean. We have a passion for it, so why not give us a call?