Clean Windows when it is Cloudy

The recent good weather has meant it is time to thrown open the curtains to let the sunshine pour through.  However, for many of us that ignore our windows during the winter months we instantly think that now is a good time to clean those windows! Although most people would think that a lovely sunny day is a perfect time to grab a bucket and a sponge, it is actually the worst time to tackle those dirty windows.

A bright sunny day will simply dry your glass too quickly and this can result in streaky windows. A day that is too hot can also result in sunburn!  We suggest you wait for a warm dry day with some cloud coverage, first thing in the morning or late in the evening.

Use the right tools

This may sound silly but it is essential before cleaning your windows that you ensure you are using ‘clean’ cleaning equipment.  If you simply grab an old sponge and cloth from under the kitchen sink then you will be starting off with dirty equipment that will leave you with a poor result.

A simple bucket, sponge and detergent will help you on your way. Most of us have a bottle of Fairly Liquid in the kitchen cupboard which will be fine.  However, if you want great results then you may need to look into buying quality tools – professional squeegees, scrim and scraper, t-bar, cleaning products such as Ungers Window Cleaning Liquid and possibly an extendable pole or ladder for those hard to reach windows.

It’s all about the technique

Once you have all of the equipment, it’s time to clean!

  • Start from the top and work down!
  • Use the squeegee at the right angle – hold it at a right angle otherwise you will end up with water pouring out from both ends.  If you hold it at the correct angle then the water should run down the glass.
  • Wipe the Blade – wipe the rubber blade on the squeegee with a clean cloth. This will eliminate blade marks on the pane caused by wet squeegees.
  • Overlap your strokes – you know you won’t have missed any part of the glass.
  • Wipe Down – after you have cleaned the windows don’t forget to use a scrim and wipe the corners, edges and the window sills. It is all about the finish and is like the icing on a cake!


For many years people have been using Vinegar to clean their windows, its cheap and the results are fantastic! Dilute the white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and spray directly onto the window, cleaning with a dry cloth.  The acetic acid in the distilled/white vinegar will attack the grime and dirt and it is perfectly safe to use and environmentally friendly. White vinegar is also great to use in the home to banish smells and as a sanitiser.

Air Quality

It may also be worth checking your heaters and air conditioning systems because unbeknown to you the filters could be dirty and blowing dust and dirt into the air resulting in dirty windows.

We recommend you clean your windows regularly to keep on top of them and to keep them in good condition.  The longer you leave between cleaning your windows the harder it will be to remove the build-up of dirt, pollution, bird droppings etc.

If you have an apartment or home you should be able to achieve crystal clear clean windows by following our tips. If you are a business then you will benefit from our commercial window cleaning services. For a free quotation contact LaddersFree on 0800 118 2830.