LaddersFree specialise in retail window cleaning and provide daily, weekly and monthly cleans to shops, estate agents and other premises. Our retail window cleaning teams are located in all major cities and towns and have an excellent reputation for providing a safe, reliable and cost effective solution.

The importance of keeping your retail windows clean

  • The high street has never been as competitive as it is today. All retailers need to do the best they can to attract more sales. Keeping your windows clean means that you make a good first impression; there is only one chance of doing so.
  • Customers are become more selective. Customers are more careful about spending their money than they used to be. This is clear from how several huge brands are losing market share to their lower priced competitors.  But it isn’t all about price. Quality counts too. Clean shiny retail windows tell your customers that you care about quality too.
  • Clean retail windows remove the barrier between your customers and your window display. When the windows are grimy and murky there is a definite barrier between the outside and the inside. Clean windows bring the inside out.

How we clean your retail windows

We always assess each job individually, and choose the best and most cost efficient method for your retail premises. Typically our retail window cleaning methods include:

  • Traditional window cleaning – traditional window cleaning is the old tried and trusted method of cleaning retail windows. It is a skilled job to leave large retail windows clean, sparkling and streak free but one that our window cleaning teams are great at.
  • Water fed poles – this is often the preferred method. Using pure deionised water we can make your windows gleam; streak and spot free without the need of any drying. We can clean windows as high as 80 feet from the ground without the use of ladders.
  • Mobile platforms – for windows that cannot be reached using water fed poles, we can use mobile elevated platforms. Our operatives are fully trained and qualified in their use. We are fully compliant and accredited for working at height.

How often should you have your retail windows cleaned?

There is no single answer to this as it depends on several circumstances. For instance your location plays a big role. If you are located on a quiet street with little traffic, you won’t need your windows cleaned as often as you would if you were located on a busy high street with a lot of traffic. If you tell us more about your business, we can advise you on optimum cleaning regimes.

We are able to offer any kind of cleaning schedule. Some retail premises require daily window cleaning while for others just once every two weeks is sufficient. LaddersFree is also able to offer emergency retail window cleaning should the unexpected happen.

More than retail windows

We clean more than just your windows. We will clean you frames, ledges, your signage, your retail name, balustrades, internal cleaning, mirrors, in fact anything you would like us to clean.

Our Customers

Our retail window cleaning teams currently clean hundreds of shop windows for Topshop, Debenhams, Mothercare, Wallis in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff and many other towns and cities.