Paperless Window Cleaning

Most window cleaning businesses, regardless of their size, deal with a plethora of paper everyday, from quotations to invoices, dockets to payslips. Over the last few years LaddersFree has moved these documents to an electronic format enabling us to provide our customers with a more…

10 Reasons to Choose LaddersFree

1. We are the Biggest Window Cleaning Service in the nation… We are the biggest national window cleaning company with teams in all of the major towns and cities including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Plymouth. We didn’t get here by accident…

Why Choose Water Fed Poles?

The old method of window cleaning using a bucket and a soapy sponge is fast becoming obsolete. The new water-fed pole window cleaning system is being adopted by customers and cleaning services alike because the advantages are huge. Cleaning with water-fed poles is an eco-friendly,…

The Importance of Clean Windows

Clean windows make a huge difference to the atmosphere and ambiance of any space. Whether it is your shop, office, school or any other business, it will always feel better when your windows are clean. Dirty windows make people feel gloomy; clean windows make people…

Rope Access Window Cleaning

By understanding what exactly rope access window cleaning is, the equipment required, the training and qualifications, the risks and the alternative methods for cleaning windows, you will be able to establish whether it is the right choice for your window cleaning requirements. What is Rope…

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