nation wide window cleaning

Nationwide Window Cleaning

When choosing a supplier for any service, a business owner has a number of factors to consider. Apart from affordability and quality, customers desire consistency, reliability and a hassle free experience. Everyone wants to make the right choice, and they want to make it the first time.

It might be tempting to find the nearest person or company and employ their services without too much shopping around, especially when it comes to basic services such as window cleaning. This can be a gamble, as smaller operators might be numerous and occasionally lacking in professionalism.

There is an alternative, however.

National companies can be a better choice for businesses, as they often have a higher profile and higher investment, and therefore place a higher importance on reputation. Companies large enough to be considered national can live and die on their reputation and, with large investments and employee bases, can often have a higher stake in this regard.

LaddersFree is a window cleaning company that provides a high-quality nationwide service across the UK. Having been in operation more than 11 years, LaddersFree has accumulated an impressively varied and loyal customer base, with a variety of clients including Holiday Inn Hotels, Debenhams. Top Shop, and HMV.  We pride ourselves in delivering quality in all aspects of our service, resulting in a 97 per cent customer retention rate over the last four years. When it comes to making the right choice the first time, our loyal customers can attest to our suitability.

Local Operatives

Aside from quality of service, a national window cleaning company such as LaddersFree has additional benefits to the customer. We use the innovative concept of uniting teams of local window cleaners into a nationwide network, in one stroke streamlining management and administration whilst employing local window cleaning teams based in population centres – keeping them close and accessible to potential and existing customers. Our competitors tend to have teams in central hubs resulting in additional travelling time and inevitably higher costs.

No job too small or big

With the extra resources of a nationwide company, it also gives our locally based operators access to a variety of modern and efficient cleaning equipment and methods to ensure all our customer’s needs are met. Whether it is a small retail premises that requires traditional window cleaning or a large hotel that requires our more specialist window cleaning using water fed poles or abseiling we clean it and we clean it well.

One Payment Point and One Point of Contact

The centralised administration of a national company like LaddersFree means costs and payment systems are optimised, which in turn translates into less hassle and lower prices for the customer.  Our single point of contact makes it simpler for businesses with multiple sites (such as chain retailers) and smaller customers alike to organise and pay for window cleaning services. Additionally, each of our clients is assigned a single account manager, so you can become familiar with your contact in the company.

Compliance with Health and Safety

A national company must be expected to adhere to a standard quality of service across all its operators, and LaddersFree has a standard we strive to adhere to for all our customers. We expect the same quality of service from our Bradford team as we do from our London team. Rather than just being cogs in the machine, LaddersFree’s cleaning teams are locally employed operatives who take pride and responsibility in their work.

Through the use of satisfaction dockets which need to be signed off by the client, teams ensure a job is completed to your expectations before they consider their work finished.

Recognition for Health and Safety Standards

This commitment to quality extends to health and safety in the workplace, and potential customers can rest assured knowing that through rigorous risk assessment and training LaddersFree are CHAS accredited, SAFE contractor approved, and have avoided any workplace accidents throughout their 11 year existence.


A national company has a larger profile and a greater stake in ensuring its clients remain happy customers. LaddersFree strives to meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism, offering the most complete service we can with operators available throughout Wales, England, and Scotland. Our combination of centralised administration structure and locally employed cleaners means lower costs for clients whilst simultaneously employing and supporting local workers. You can expect the same service regardless of where your business or businesses are located in the UK, and payment options are easy. Whatever your business, meeting your window cleaning requirements through a national company just makes sense.

By Jason Korinek.