Is it such a good idea?

The success of a business is not just down to the quality of its products or services. For retailers, specifically those that use their windows to promote products or services, like an estate agents or a jewellers, the appearance to customers is important.

Whilst it may seem a small thing, the cleanliness of windows matters. If windows are left to gather dirt and grime over a long period of time then they will affect the look, the feel and mood of the place. Having clean, presentable windows really is all about first impressions and you know how the saying goes……’first impressions count’.

Keeping the windows clean is also not just about keeping customers happy. Having clean windows offers a bright and pulsating environment that will give staff the motivation and feel good factor that they need, inevitably leading to better productivity.

But, there is something that is even more important.

With the ever increasing use of Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, positive news can be great leading to more customers but likewise negative news can have the opposite effect.

Because the costs of a window cleaning service in comparison to other facilities services like cleaning and security are relatively small customers will inevitably ask questions.

Recently Morrison’s (the Supermarket chain) decided that they were going to stop window cleaning services at their supermarkets for a couple of months. It will be down to customers to decide whether it is a sensible cost cutting exercise or one that results in customers going elsewhere to competitors like Tesco’s, Asda and Sainsbury’s.