Never think that a clean building is determined by what is going on inside. The outside is every bit as important, and often even more so. Here are just some reasons why your staff, your customers and your company, need clean windows.

Kerb Appeal

If your staff cringe when they come to work because of the dirty windows and grimy signage imagine what other people will think when walking past? Anyone of those could be a potential customer who is walking right on by due to your unappealing facade.

Natural Light Improves Productivity and Workplace Performance

We all know the feeling of being stuck in a room under fluorescent lights and recent research suggests that there is a strong relationship between workplace daylight exposure and office workers’ sleep, quality of life and workplace productivity.  The majority of offices have windows but even when natural light should be flooding through the windows, dirty glass is preventing enough light from entering the building and therefore many offices are still relying on artificial lighting.

Clean Windows means Happy, Stress Free and Proud Staff

If your employees are proud of where they work they will be happy and more productive. A clean office helps to reduce stress, enhance employee attitudes and create a positive working environment. Do your staff show a lack of enthusiasm for dressing down days or special events which allow them to dress up? The chances are that this apathy is coming from their surroundings as however hard they try they can’t improve their working conditions so by having sparkling windows and a workplace full of light they will be more enthusiastic and more likely to join in the fun.

At LaddersFree we provide a service that will ensure all your glass is cleaned, whether it is windows, mirrors, and balustrade or balcony glass.

A False Economy – Electricity Cost versus Window Cleaning Costs

If you think commercial window cleaning is expensive then think again. LaddersFree also provide a complimentary quotation so you don’t have to commit until you know what it is going to cost. If you look at what you are currently spending on electricity with dirty windows and then compare this to what you will be spending on electricity with clean windows you will be surprised. A bit of a no brainer really.

First Impressions Always Count

As you never get a second chance to make a first impression cast a critical eye over the outside of your building from the view of a prospective client visiting your premises for the first time? Remember that first impressions count so if you do not like what you see then give LaddersFree a call today on 0800 118 2830.

Make the Canteen Appealing

Your staff work hard so reward them by giving them somewhere they want to go at lunchtime. The food may be great but if the windows in your canteen are dirty the chances are your staff will find somewhere else to have their lunch. Your canteen profits will also be walking out the door.

Staff Retention

You may be scratching your head as to why you have a high turnover of staff when you offer good rates of pay etc. Might be time to have a look at the surroundings they are working in and if they can see out of the windows!

For a free no obligation quotation, call our window cleaning team on 0800 118 2830.