Windows, floors, waiting areas – the condition of a store and its facilities can directly impact the bottom line.

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At a time when consumer spending is wavering and the high street sadly continues to dwindle, retail parks have emerged as the resilient shopping destination of choice. Despite the effects of Covid and the cost of living crunch, footfall is only 0.8% behind happier 2019 levels. Customers are drawn by the wide array of products available and while fast food and furniture brands rank as the most populous across all British retail parks, the presence of sports/toys/hobbies/cycle shop retailers has steadily increased over the past decade, placing them firmly among the top ten categories of retail park occupants. 


That said, retailers face the ongoing challenge of creating an enticing shopping experience which competes with the convenience of online purchasing, and encourages shoppers to physically drive to a park and spend in person. Great customer service is one thing. In-store discounts, loyalty schemes and free collection are other effective options, but when it comes to attracting consumers through the doors in the first place, there’s another oh-so-easy solution: ensuring your store is gleaming, inside and out.  

A sparkling customer experience

First impressions really do count, even when a retailer already possesses a good reputation and healthy brand recognition. Post-pandemic fears remain and most people are put off by dirt and grime – it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the quality of product on display. Added to this is the recent identification of the ‘Zero Consumer’ – one who has high expectations but no brand loyalty; a worrying concept for the sector. Appearances matter in promoting a positive customer experience and ensuring repeat visits – we should know, being responsible (in partnership with our parent group, REACT) for keeping DFS, B&M, Lidl and Dreams in a sparkling condition.


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The biggest ‘retail turn-offs’ include bad smells, dirty surfaces, an unkempt entrance and poor lighting, yet these issues are all easily addressed, to provide a pleasant, bright and more welcoming shopping environment for your customers. You might not think that regularly scheduled window cleaning could have such a dramatic effect on your bottom line, but consider your own distaste at streaky glass, dirt-dulled signage and bird mess-splattered canopies. Then think beyond the exterior to filthy floors, tired customer waiting areas and dusty display units. Cleanliness is about so much more than just aesthetics. Presenting a hygienic space, especially when a cavernous retail unit, brings numerous business benefits which can all contribute towards enhanced consumer loyalty.

6 ways cleaning can improve your brand loyalty

How exactly does professional cleaning – incorporating solutions that go beyond windows – influence consumer shopping habits? Let us count the ways…  


  1. Increases attraction: a sparkling clean storefront and entrance tempts more customers to come inside. The inviting atmosphere within entices them to browse, purchase and hopefully return.


  1. Improves brand image: mirror-like windows and a fresh, clean atmosphere which meets health and safety standards projects a professional and trustworthy image, inspiring confidence in the brand. This is particularly vital for retailers that offer a traditionally ‘messy’ product or service, such as motor repairs (like our client, Formula One Autocentres). 


  1. Products appear superior: cleaning enables retailers to better showcase their products. Clean windows allow in more light, simply put. It’s not just the items in a window display that benefit from clean glass work, but also the stock inside which natural daylight can highlight, on their dust-free shelves. 


  1. Enhances customer satisfaction: a clean and pleasant environment makes customers feel comfortable, welcome and as though they’ve enjoyed a satisfying experience. It’s far more likely you’ll be front-of-mind when they next require the relevant product. 
  1. Promotes good PR: at a time where the most seemingly insignificant complaint can quickly escalate via social media and dent a reputation, a gleaming store has the potential to do the opposite. Imagine the posts celebrating your clean customer facilities and championing the store.


  1. An undisruptive experience: while everyone wants a clean store, no one needs a noisy floor polisher going round while they’re perusing the wiper blades or measuring the kids for their next bike. Flexible, out-of-hours scheduling means the job gets done without interrupting a consumer’s excellent shopping experience – almost as if by magic!


What’s more, professional cleaning can help you achieve a good return on your retail park investment. Regular cleaning helps reduce maintenance costs, prevent expensive repairs and avoid the need for replacements.

Shine brightly

Investing in professional cleaning is about attracting more customers, enhancing brand image and creating a safe and pleasant environment that encourages customers to come back, time and time again. It’s about driving brand loyalty in an age of the ‘Zero Consumer’. It’s about ensuring your store stands out among the rest, with windows, waiting areas and cash desks that gleam. 


While we don’t like to name-drop (much!), as the trusted hygiene heroes for many major retail brands across the UK, such as Oak Furnitureland and Wren Kitchens, plus a few others we may have mentioned above, we fully appreciate the importance of using innovative methods to attract customers away from their sofas and devices. In addition to windows, we offer a comprehensive range of specialist cleaning services, including pressure washing, floor cleaning, graffiti removal, high-level and biohazard cleaning to ensure your entire store is hygienically clean and appealing to all. Our huge network of local, trained operatives can respond quickly and cost-effectively, helping you to harness the power of professional window cleaning.


We’d love to chat through your requirements. Let us tailor a cleaning solution specifically for your store to ensure it shines brighter than the competition, delights your customers and enhances brand loyalty. Get in touch for a free consultation and quote.