National Window Cleaning

National Window Cleaning

LaddersFree is the largest national window cleaning company in the UK. We provide a nationwide window cleaning service to clients in the retail, leisure, private and public sectors and have window cleaning teams located in all major towns and cities including London, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Plymouth and Edinburgh.

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What makes us different to our competitors is that we have between 300 and 400 window cleaners that live and operate as window cleaners as far west as Devon and Cornwall, in London and the Home Counties, across the rest of England and Wales and in all the major towns and cities across Scotland. Our competitors travel from central hubs so by using our teams there is minimal travelling time inevitably leading to lower costs.

Our customers are also very happy knowing that they are supporting the ‘local window cleaner’ whilst getting all the other benefits associated with a national window cleaning service including compliance with health and safety legislation, one point of contact, one invoice point and benefiting from our internal auditing process to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Also, our unique concept of uniting a national workforce of window cleaning teams that use water fed pole technology alongside our teams of traditional window cleaners enables us to provide a service to any customer whether they are a high street retailer, a hotel group or a local council with a variety of buildings, small and large, that require traditional window cleaning with squeegee and blade, water fed poles, mobile platforms or rope access.

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The benefits of using our

Nationwide Window Cleaning



Compliance with Health and Safety

Many of our customers initially chose LaddersFree to manage their window cleaning nationwide because they had concerns about existing window cleaners not having the necessary insurance or complying with health and safety legislation.

By choosing LaddersFree our customers have consistency and continuity in health and safety standards across all their sites and that is because we have produced our own Health and Safety manual. The manual includes health and safety policy statement, environmental policy, guidelines for window cleaning and generic risk assessments and method statements for all types of window cleaning. Our local window cleaning teams can produce detailed site specific risk assessments and method statements. These documents can then be collated centrally by LaddersFree and provided to customers on request.


Recognition for Health and Safety Standards

SAFE contractor is government approved scheme that is operated by international safety, health and environmental risk management specialists and to assure potential clients that its members are adequately insured and that all the necessary health and safety documentation is in order. LaddersFree have been SAFE contractor approved since 2008 ensuring you do not just get a quality service but a service that is carried out by a company that has been recognised for its high standards in health and safety.

LaddersFree have been awarded with CHAS Accreditation – the contractor’s health and safety assessment scheme and the market leader for health and safety pre-qualification in the UK.


Reduced Window Cleaning Cost

Our unique concept of providing a national window cleaning service utilising local teams ensures LaddersFree can provide a cost effective solution. Our aim is to help our national clients reduce costs and we can achieve this by providing direct cost savings or indirectly by providing a retrospective payment to head office. Many of our customers were surprised that we could provide a nationwide service that costs less than what they were previously paying by using different window cleaners at different sites. This is because of the amount of work we are able to give our teams, they have minimal travelling time between jobs leading to lower costs and providing us with the purchasing power to provide a quality service at a competitive price.

There are also the indirect cost savings by using just one company so there is less administration and just one invoice point.


One Point of Contact

Our clients appreciate the benefits of having one point of contact for all their window cleaning requirements. Our customer service team keep a log of communications held with each site to ensure that all calls are handled professionally and any service issues are resolved efficiently and effectively. Customers are assigned a key account manager who will head up operations and ensure that each site receives a service that meets their expectations. The key account manager will also carry out periodic audits and review customer feedback to help LaddersFree.


One Invoice / Payment Point

LaddersFree provide flexible payment options. We can either issue invoices to individual sites for authorisation or issue one invoice to a central location for processing. This system eliminates accounting concerns for retails groups that currently pay for window cleaning using cash from the till often not acquiring an invoice from the window cleaner. Invoices are then paid to one account significantly reducing the costs associated with processing large quantities of invoices to multiple contractors.


Satisfaction Dockets

Our window cleaning teams follow certain procedures to help provide our customers with a quality service. Upon request our teams can obtain a signed customer satisfaction docket for each clean carried out. It is then our team’s responsibility to ensure the satisfaction docket is passed to our management team for safe filing. Not only is the satisfaction docket a useful system to verify that a clean took place, it also helps maintain a certain standard of service whereby the operative makes sure that the client is satisfied with the work before leaving site.