Window Cleaning by Abseiling and Rope Access

Rope Access Window Cleaning

As we've all heard many times, first impressions are so important in today's ever-changing, fast-paced world. What we haven't heard so many times, is that the first impression given by many is - surprisingly - from the building they're in. This is so easy to forget if you're the one making the impression, as your focus is likely to be on whatever it may be that you do best, as it should be.

It's easy to forget how much dirt and grime buildings are assailed by from all sides all day every day, until all of a sudden you find them filthy beyond recognition. Layers of plastered on dirt are, of course, an unwanted aspect to the appearance of any building. But with most buildings being several metres high, layers of plastered on dirt are so often a non-optional extra, leading to that off-putting first impression that we all want to avoid. Particularly from those buildings that are unsuitable for, or cannot be accessed by, the water-fed pole method that is often used by commercial cleaners.

However, layers of plastered-on dirt no longer need to be the case. Our rope access cleaning provides the ideal flexible and cost-effective solution to awkward modern grime. Rope access cleaning does not require scaffolding or machinery like cradles or mobile platforms, so the disturbance to your building and its occupants is minimal. And with the rope access method of cleaning, ground-level clearance is not necessary. This ensures all sides of your building can be accessed to be cleaned, helping you perfect that all-important first impression.

And, of course, safety is paramount. All our teams meet high standards of training and health and safety compliance. So your first impression rope access building clean is in the safest of hands, leaving you free to focus on whatever it may be that you do best.

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