Window Cleaning with Mobile Platforms

Mobile Elevated Platform Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning is a specialist task and requires expertise especially when the windows are at a higher level. Such window cleaning takes an experienced and trained person to complete the project. The job itself requires special cleaning tools and materials. There are specialist techniques that create a clean and clear finish to eliminate any streaks or residue left on the windows.

The job of an elevated window cleaner carries some risk such as falling from a height or slipping on a wet surface. Also the use of ladders can be a potential danger as the window cleaner can easily slip or the ladder can fall away from its surface. The job is regarded as one of the most dangerous jobs in the United Kingdom. It does not require licensing, unlike Scotland; anyone can set up themselves as a window cleaner which raises the risks and dangers even further. The HSE's (Health and Safety Executive) guideline of 'The Working at Height Regulation' in 2005 promoted the safer use of ladders in a working environment. Therefore, a window cleaner using a ladder must make sure it is used in a safe manner by ensuring the ladder has a ladder stopper ensuring it does not slip or someone is at the foot of it to hold it steady.

For large window cleaning projects such as tall office buildings in the middle of a city other methods can be adapted to create a safer environment for the job to take place. These can include scaffold towers or elevated work platforms which will provide a better and minimised risk system to work from. Mobile elevated working platforms are special machines used for jobs such as window cleaning; the workmen are protected by the cradle part of the platform. They are operated by the platform rising up to the required level, making jobs at a great height much easier to gain access to. The benefits of these machines are that they carry a recognised training certificate. This creates a far safer environment for workers to complete their tasks and the mobile elevated platforms comply with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation 1998, The Health and Safety Act at Work Act 1974, the Working at Height Regulation 2005.

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