Window Cleaning using Water Fed Poles

Conventional Window Cleaning

Most of us probably still associate window cleaning with a tall ladder, a bucket of soapy water, a squeegee and a cloth and this traditional method still has a firm place within the industry despite the development and widespread use of the Water Fed Pole System.

In some sectors including retail using this conventional technique is still the most cost effective way to clean your windows. This system means window frames and sills can also be cleaned, as well as allowing the windows to be cleaned on the inside, ensuring customers get a complete window cleaning service and spotless results.

The squeegee is a hand-held simple and effective tool which consists of an angled band of rubber. A small amount of detergent is used, not to actually clean the glass but as a lubricant for the blade as it is swept across the glass by the window cleaner, removing the surface film of dirt and water as it goes. Each section of glass receives individual attention, guaranteeing a thorough and complete clean every time.

Unless the windows are awkward to reach or there are health and safety issues, the traditional window cleaning method can safely be used on windows up to around nine meters (or 29ft) off the ground using ladders.

For the inside windows, a microfiber cloth is used to avoid the possibility of drops of water splashing onto carpets and other interior fabrics.

The end result is gleaming glass and smart, clean windows that give the right impression.

Our window cleaning teams pride themselves on their high levels of skill and training and ensure safety is always paramount. At every site we make sure the correct precautions are taken to minimise any associated risk, giving our customers both peace of mind and a quality service.

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