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LaddersFree have been recognised as the leading window cleaning company in Birmingham since 2002.

Professional Window Cleaners in Birmingham

If you are looking for professional window cleaners in Birmingham, then you have come to the right place. Our window cleaners in Birmingham are highly qualified and experienced at providing a professional service for any building, large and small.

Our commercial window cleaners in Birmingham provide window cleaning services to all types of premises in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

In a city the size of Birmingham there are a vast number of buildings with windows that need regular cleaning. These buildings include offices, shops, schools, hotels and nursing homes. Specialist window cleaning services are also available for high rise buildings like The Rotunda, The BT Tower and The Hyatt Regency Hotel.

In busy shopping areas in the centre of Birmingham, like Broad Street or The Bull Ring, windows can be cleaned daily or weekly. If the windows in your building only require a fortnightly or monthly clean this is also fine and our window cleaners will ensure you are 100% satisfied regardless of frequency or the size of your building.

In order to clean windows you need to be able to access them easily. Rope access is one way, where the window cleaner is safely secured by a rope, travelling up and down the outside of the building. Another way is to use a mobile elevated platform that extends from the bottom of the building to the top.

Water Fed Pole window cleaning has become more popular over recent years due to the changes in Health and Safety legislation and in particular the 2005 Work at Height Regulations.

De-ionized water is fed up the pole and comes out of the brush and our commercial window cleaners in Birmingham then use this to clean the windows. Using water fed poles also ensures that the frames get cleaned; therefore helping your windows stay cleaner for longer.

Our commercial window cleaners also provide good old fashioned conventional window cleaning. Using a bucket of water and a squeegee is still sometimes the best way to clean a small area of windows.

Whilst we are recognised as the leading commercial window cleaning company in Birmingham we do also provide Gutter and Cladding Cleaning.

With Gutter Cleaning, an innovative vacuum system is used to remove all the debris. Once clean, gutters will not overflow or leak.

If a building has steel and aluminium cladding this also needs to be kept clean to preserve both the appearance and life span of the material.

Our local window cleaners operate from Queensway, Holloway Circus, Birmingham, B1 1BT. They clean offices, shops, hotels and schools in the city centre and across the whole of Birmingham.

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By Jason Korinek


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